D&I in the Workplace.

At Mix, we understand that promoting diversity, equity and inclusion isn't just a checkbox on a corporate agenda; it's a fundamental aspect of creating thriving, innovative, and equitable organisations.

From unconscious bias and inclusive leadership, to accessibility and intersectionality, Mix speakers stand at the forefront of the DEI conversation, offering insights, expertise, and inspirational stories that challenge the status quo and drive positive change.

If you need help choosing a speaker, get in touch and we can help you find a perfect fit.

MIX Diversity Developers - Hayley Barnard

Hayley Barnard

D&I consultant, entrepreneur and marathon swimmer

MIX Diversity Developers - Ayo Solake

Ayo Solake

TV presenter, deputy mayor and former beauty queen

MIX Diversity Developers - Boko Inyundo

Boko Inyundo

Speaker, management coach and D&I advocate

MIX Diversity Developers - Daniele Fiandaca

Daniele Fiandaca

Equality champion, speaker and author

MIX Diversity Developers - Fiona Daniel

Fiona Daniel

Speaker, panellist and thought leader

MIX Diversity Developers - Fudia Smartt

Fudia Smartt

Employment lawyer, speaker and coach

MIX Diversity Developers - Kelly Grainger

Kelly Grainger

Speaker, trainer and autism advocate

MIX Diversity Developers - Matt Keen

Matt Keen

Leadership trainer, HR consultant and speaker

MIX Diversity Developers - Michael McGrath

Michael McGrath

Adventurer, charity CEO and speaker

MIX Diversity Developers - Mike Thakoordin

Mike Thakoordin

Wellbeing trainer and anti-racism specialist

MIX Diversity Developers - Rachel Morgan-Trimmer

Rachel Morgan-Trimmer

Neurodiversity consultant, trainer and speaker

MIX Diversity Developers - Dr Raina Brands

Dr. Raina Brands

Award-winning researcher, consultant and professor

MIX Diversity Developers - Sathya Bala

Sathya Bala

Entrepreneur, diversity advocate and speaker

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