Pete Mosley.

Pete Mosley

Author, mentor, coach and speaker

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MIX Diversity Developers - Pete Mosley
MIX Diversity Developers - Pete Mosley
MIX Diversity Developers - Pete Mosley
  • Biography

    Pete Mosley is a specialist in bringing quieter people, their teammates, leaders, and managers into alignment.

    He is the author of A Quiet Person’s Guide (2023) and The Art of Shouting Quietly (2016). His specialism is in working with introverts, quiet and shy people and those who lead and manage them.

    Pete’s talks and workshops explore all the issues around the tensions created when quieter people and their more socially energetic colleagues and managers try to communicate and make effective decisions at work. His suggestions and strategies are easy to implement and make a world of difference to the way diverse teams work together.

    His work is informed by personal experience. He is a Deep introvert (INFJ-T). This coupled with the destabilizing experience of several Adverse Childhood Experiences left him shy, anxious, and bewildered as a youngster.

    Key Topics:

    • How to Unlock the Wisdom of Quiet People

    Available for:

    • Conference speaking
    • Keynote speaking
    • Virtual events
  • Client Feedback

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    “Pete's talk during our DEIA Speaker Series was incredibly powerful for each individual at Foundry. It focused on helping people find meaningful, values-driven ways to share ideas and communicate what they do. We had huge numbers of employees tell us how much it resonated with them, and we look forward to implementing some of Pete's suggested actions to continue to build a culture that appreciates quietness, while giving everyone a voice.”

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    “We really appreciated Pete joining us here to get our new Power Hour sessions off to a brilliant start with his presentation ‘A Quiet Person's Guide (to life + work)’. It was a great insight into his specialism in working with introverts, quiet and shy people and the organisations that employ them. He opened our eyes and helped us explore why these are important issues in respect of diversity and inclusion.”

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