Stephanie Battaglino.

Stephanie Battaglino

LGBTQ+ speaker, trainer and consultant

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MIX Diversity Developers - Stephanie Battaglino
  • Biography

    As the founder and owner of Follow Your Heart, Stephanie is an internationally recognized speaker, workshop presenter, trainer, author and workplace diversity & inclusion consultant.

    A major voice in the LGBTQ workplace equality movement focusing specifically on transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, Stephanie casts a bright light on all of the pertinent Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) issues that companies and organizations must face to successfully transform their workplaces into a truly welcoming environment for all of their employees. Stephanie’s warm and personal style has engaged and enlightened her audiences wherever she speaks.

    Key Topics:

    • Transgender
    • Gender Non-Conforming/Non-Binary Workplace Transition and Inclusion
    • Inclusive Language
    • Workplace Culture
    • The Effects of Male Privilege on Workplace Culture and Society
    • Allyship
    • Gender Identity
    • Intersectionality

    Available for:

    • Conference speaking
    • Keynote speaking
    • Virtual events
  • Client Feedback

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    “Stephanie masterfully uses her own learnings and experiences in the workplace to create better and more equitable workplaces for today's employees. Her workshops and writings should be assigned coursework for executives to create truly inclusive corporate cultures and for LGBTQ employees looking to bring their full selves to work.”

    Sarah Kate Ellis
    President & CEO
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    “I have had the pleasure of working with Stephanie on an enrichment event at our company and got to know her further at the following Out & Equal Workplace Summit. I’ve found her honesty and heartfelt way she tells her story to be very meaningful to me. She played a large role in introducing me – and our entire company - to transgender issues and what I believe is the next frontier in creating diverse and accepting workplaces. I now proudly count myself among the allies for the transgender community.”

    Heather Gill
    Diversity & Inclusion Lead
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    “I would like to extend a most sincere thank you for your inspiration, and for joining our company’s’ diversity efforts in support of the LGBTQ community. I have received several messages from executives who were present and had great feedback to share!”

    Juan Camilo Romero
    Manager, Diversity & Inclusion Strategies
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    “Thank you Stephanie for joining us today during FMC Corporation Pride Month celebration. Your personal story was educational, informative and inspiring.”

    Subarna Malakar
    Director and Global Diversity & Inclusion Officer
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    “From all of us - for your brilliant words and thoughts . . . And heart.”

    Diane Sawyer
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