Effective, meaningful unconscious bias training for employees, leaders and managers.

Mix has been designing and delivering unconscious bias training to teams, leaders and employees for the best part of a decade. In this time, we've helped some of the world’s biggest brands to make the unconscious conscious, through our unique brand of storytelling, self-reflection and practical, outcome-driven approach.

The Mix Methodology.

To effect long-lasting change, unconscious bias training has to be more than a box-ticking exercise. To work, it needs to take a brave deep-dive into the habits of an organisation and the individuals who make it tick. This can be challenging and, as a result, a lot of training programmes end up skimming the surface of unconscious bias - perhaps succeeding in briefly raising awareness but failing to generate long-lasting behavioural change.

Mix Diversity - Rebekah Holbrook, Novia Financial

I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent training session. It was really engaging and you naturally captured the attention of everyone in the room! Feedback has been really great and there is a lot of follow up action happening already with our leadership team.

Rebekah Holbrook

Head of Human Resources, Novia Financial.

At Mix, we don’t shy away from challenging our clients. In fact, we often collate hard-hitting, anonymized, stories of inclusion and exclusion from your own employees and customers to incorporate into your unconscious bias training. Our ‘candid but kind’ approach will take you and your employees on a journey of self-reflection - uncovering your own unconscious bias and helping find ways to address it.

We won’t lecture you, because having unconscious bias doesn’t make us “bad”: it makes us human. Instead, through interactive workshops, story telling, perspective-taking exercises and frank conversation, we’ll support you to make changes that will have a lasting and profound impact for you and your organisation.

Client Stories: Lidl.

We recently completed a full cascade of training for Lidl GB's 28,000 employees and 950 stores. Take a look at the video:

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Mix Diversity - Client Logos
Mix Diversity - Claire Parker, Britvic

So good was the work Hayley did for us that I did not hesitate to recommend her to a number of other companies.

Claire Parker

Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Britvic.

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