Sathya Bala.

Sathya Bala

Entrepreneur, diversity advocate and motivational speaker

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MIX Diversity Developers - Sathya Bala
  • Biography

    Sathya is an energetic leader, business owner and community builder fuelled by her commitment to building a more equitable world through her work. She brings her experience as a senior influencer and on the ground change maker, starting at Deloitte in risk and audit, then moving into data governance at Sainsburys, Barclays, HSBC and Deutsche Bank.

    Sathya more recently has moved into diversity, equity and inclusion, sponsoring these initiatives in her last role at Chanel as Head of Global Data Governance. Now Sathya is a consultant, entrepreneur, thought leader, Board advisor and speaker focused on using data and stories to make organisations more equitable.

    She is also founder and community organiser for My Skin My Story which empowers women of colour all around the world. Sathya sits on the board of a national cancer charity and dance company.

    In speaking, she demystifies identity, bias, intersectionality, inclusion and how to champion equity by tapping into stories and humanising data. Sathya embraces her lived experience, as a Sri Lankan Tamil woman, born in Singapore, who grew up in Sydney and moved to London as a young adult.

    She inspires others with her story and is proud to amplify underrepresented voices.

    Key Topics:

    • Activating the ally in each of us
    • Exploring bias and inclusion through stories
    • Intersectionality made simple - navigating multiple layers of diversity
    • Celebrating diverse experiences
    • Why we can’t separate ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) from DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion)
    • Inclusive workplaces - the power of data
    • The power of diverse ideas
    • Equity by design in a modern world

    Available for:

    • Conference speaking
    • Keynote speaking
    • Virtual events
  • Client Feedback

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    “Sathya led a fantastic workshop for my team at Google, she was much more engaging and authentic than the offerings we had internally. The feedback from the team was universally positive and drove a real step change in team connectedness. Thoroughly recommend!”

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    “A scientific background means I have a huge appreciation for the importance of data when executing a robust, impactful DE&I strategy. Sathya offers a unique resource which overlays extensive insights of the DEI space with outstanding knowledge and experience of data governance; this really brings actionable diversity and inclusion data, metrics and targets to life. Her guidance has been remarkable.”

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    “Sathya led two very engaged global webinars on how to make our organization more inclusive. She engagingly drew in our attendees’ participation through questions and surveys, and craftily demonstrated our numerous commonalities through shared experiences, behaviours and likes.”

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    “I have worked with Sathya Bala in various capacities, as a data leader and, most recently, an expert on intersectionality, inclusion and allyship. I can absolutely recommend Sathya as a reliable D&I partner and an inspirational speaker. Sathya builds on her lived experiences and her versatile professional background to speak her truth in an authentic and compelling way, connecting with diverse audiences.”

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    MIX Diversity Developers - Sathya Bala

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